The safe and legal way to use topical adrenaline in your treatments

For all SPMU & Microblading technicians

The A.C.T fast course, which is full accredited by the CPD, is also fully-insured by Cathedral. The course aims to promote safety so that semi-permanent makeup artists and microblading technicians can provide services they were previously unable to due to regulations on the use of topical adrenaline. provides

Superior pigment retention, client comfort (pain relief) and constricts vascular activity with treatment (Bleeding)

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Accredited CPD course

4 Hours of pre study, 3  hours of theory  and 1 hour of practical training including first aid and anaphylaxis treatment certification

Guided learning

Our course was created to offer a perfect solution for SPMU/microblading technicians interested in providing a safe and professional service.

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Be Safe & Legal

Safe and Legal provide a safe and legal way to use topical adrenaline in your treatments. Click HERE to contact us today or call 0161 848 7146

Misused substances is an alternative to products like TAG or Magic that are widely misused within the SPMU and Microblading industry.


Fully accredited course delivered by fully qualified tutor / nurse. Book now! by clicking the link.

Topical controlled adrenaline superior pigment retention for all Semi-permanent make up artists and Micro-blading technicians.


ACTfast are leading the way in the spmu and microblading industry. It is the ONLY alternative in the UK to dangerous products that are currently being used.

ACTfast deliver training to qualified spmu and microblading technicians in the use of topical controlled adrenaline and bespoke first aid. provide a safe and legal way of administering topical controlled adrenaline during micropigmentation treatments.

The course is a 4 hour 1 day course that trains qualified micropigmentation technicians on the dangers of illegal and unsafe products currently being used in the industry and that the answer is


What People Said

Below you will find testimonials and reviews from newly accredited technicians and their clients.

This was an excellent course, it will make be able to complete better treatments, deliver fab training and hold pigment great. I’m so glad I met the A.C.Tfast team!
April Keeney
Permanently Beautiful
Excellent, 10/10!



Samantha Ferguson
Director, Beautiful Brows
This course has allowed me to offer safer treatments to my clients with good colour retention. I found it very useful to be informed on banned aesthetics that are being used in the industry.
Sian Foley
I enjoyed the course. I’ll now be able to provide much better results with pigment retention and our students will be learning a safe and legal treatment.


Louise Waller
Epi Brow
I really enjoyed the course and i’m so glad i did it. I feel confident and feel like I have the upper hand as i’m now 100% legal and insured compared to others in the industry. The training allows me to give a much better treatment to my clients due to better results and less pain.
Naomi White
Torink Cosmetics
The course was great and informative!





Jillian Sharp
Pure Definition

Our online chemist online chemist enables our accredited technicians to purchase our product at anytime, safely and securely with clinical oversight.

Step 1
Log on to the online chemist with your username and password provided by our administration team.
Step 2
Complete the online prescription and consent form found by clicking “NEW Prescription” in your portal.
Step 3
You receive email conformation once the prescriber has completed your order and it is with the pharmacy.
Step 4
You will receive your sterile A.C.Tfast pack to your door. We offer standard or next day delivery within the U.K.
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A.C.Tfast courses are four hours of Pre study, three hours of Theory and one hour of Practical training. We provide First aid and anaphylaxis training along with many other subjects which allows you to administer topical adrenaline safely.




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